This page includes a number of projects of various sizes that I've either completed, or am still working on.

cloak completed front

My most recent project was to make a cloak to give to a friend when he was elevated to the Order of the Laurel.


My most significant project to date is the Renaissance pavilion that I made, along with my husband Gerard.



My most recent A&S faire project, for 2014, was a detailed study of the French Hood.

My entry to the 2012 A&S faire was a Tudor Lady's Ensemble.

TudorBlue Full1
My entry to the 2013 A&S faire was my daughter's Tudor Girl outfit.

BlackWhiteJacket IdaNoyes2

Another sizable project that I've started working on is a Jacobean Jacket. The picture shows the first version, which was made from a pre-embroidered linen fabric.


A fun project I did in 2009 was called the Iron Dress. This project is a competition created by a group of costumers that use patterns created by Margo Anderson.

12 29 2012a

I've also recently started doing illumination and calligraphy. I've only done a few scrolls so far, but I really enjoy it and hope to create more scrolls to be used for court awards.