Diary of a Renaissance Costume

This is the history of making a new Renaissance Faire costume for my husband.

sketch-man1a  This was my sketch of what I was hoping to create for my husband's costume. 
m-costume-step1  I had made a costume for my husband several years ago for him to be Eric, the Little Mermaid's prince. It consisted of a white pirate-type shirt, black breeches, a red satin sash and tall boots.  
m-costume-step2  For last summer, all I got made was the doublet and a hat. The boots, shirt and pants are the ones from the prince/pirate costume. 
m-costume-step3  Then I continued on with the costume, adding new pieces and modifying the old ones. I altered the pirate shirt to become a Renaissance man's shirt, with a small ruff at the neck and wrists. I made sleeves for the doublet, and I created paned slops. 
m-costume-step3b  Here is a close-up of the upper area of the doublet. You can see the ruff on the collar, and the ties on the sleeves. 
m-costume-step3a  This is a close-up of the paned slops. These were by far the most time-consuming part! Each pane was made separately, and braid was added to each side. They were lined up against a black background, and a lining was added. Then they were stuffed. 
m-costume-final  My husband's costume makes its debut at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. 
m-costume-final-with-boys  Our boys join my husband at the fountain.