Doll Clothes

When my daughter got a simple sewing machine for Christmas, she quickly tired of making just simple pillows. I thought that having her make clothes for her 18-inch dolls might be a little more interesting.

Before long, I decided that I should make some too - as samples of what I was planning on making for our next set of Renaissance clothes. I quickly decided that this was a great planning tool - it takes only a small amount of material and much less time to mock up a doll-size version of the garb. This gives me a chance to test out various options that I might otherwise give up on.

Here are some examples:

Noble gown of olive velvet with gold accents. I'm making this for myself for summer 2007.  

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 OliveNoble-6a OliveNoble-6b 

Comfort gown with gold ribbon trim and gold bows. I'm making this for my daughter for summer 2007.  

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 OliveGown-1a  OliveGown-1b