Diary of a Renaissance Costume

This is the history of making a new Renaissance Faire costume for myself.

sketch-woman1a  This was my sketch of my plan for my costume. 
 sketch-woman1b I couldn't decide on exactly how I wanted to handle the sleeves. Here is another option I was considering. This is what I finally went with, although I did not put jewels on the sleeves. 
 e-costume-step1 I was starting from scratch with this costume. So, I started from the top, or maybe I should say the bottom. Here are the undergarments - chemise, corset, farthingale and bumroll. 
 e-costume-step2 Here's the completed costume! There is the back-closing bodice, separate sleeves that match the underskirt and are attached with ties, the underskirt and the overskirt. 
 e-costume-step3 Then of course, you have to add the accessories. I made a caul that match the underskirt and sleeves, a tall hat with feather, necklace, beaded girdle with pomander and fan. 
 e-costume-step3a Here's a closeup of the bodice. You can see the ties for the sleeves and the detail of the necklace. 
 e-costume-final The costume makes its debut at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. 
 e-costume-final-with-elizabeth My daughter joins me at the fountain.