Doll Clothes

This is a draft of an olive velvet gown that I am planning on making for myself to wear to local Renaissance Faires in the summer of 2006.

Smock with blackwork and neck/wrist ruffles.
Drawers with lace detail.
Hose and shoes.  

 OliveNoble-1a OliveNoble-1b 

Corset with boning and back lacing.
Bumroll and farthingale.

 OliveNoble-2a  OliveNoble-2b
Underskirt with attached forepanel.   OliveNoble-3a  OliveNoble-3b
Overskirt with cartridge pleating and ribbon trim.   OliveNoble-4a  OliveNoble-4b
Bodice with ribbon trim and side spiral lacing.
Sleeves with panels, with gold trim and pearls. 
 OliveNoble-5a  OliveNoble-5b
Gold sheer coif, topped by a velvet soft cap with feathers.   OliveNoble-6a  OliveNoble-6b